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Empower Your Ascension &
Ease Your Awakening:

A Renewal Retreat in Khao Lak, Thailand

Are you struggling to stay healthy through your ascension?

If you are ready for a proven process to help you navigate the way, then join Julie Lewin to experience and design your own healthy, unique, practical Ascension Blueprint

October 14-21st, 2017

What is ascension?

Ascension is the umbrella term given to describe actively evolving into higher consciousness.

Ascension is the awakening and expansion of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, auric, energetic and etheric bodies as an individual consciously aligns with Source and Divine Love.

Ascension is total transformation.

The secret to ease of awakening is you need to be fully present in your body – not out there!  

As the sun sinks over the Indian Ocean and the tropical birds warble their celebration of another magical day in paradise – you stand in awe of the majestic colours that illuminate the ocean and sky.

Laying back on your lounger sipping your exotic refreshment, evening wraps its balmy cloak around you and you reflect on your simple yet profoundly spiritual day.

You realise your stress has slipped over the horizon with the sun and your new retreat friends radiate peace and calm, too … and you wonder what delicious gourmet delights await you soon.

Aaahhh … that feels good !

And you sink deeper into your lounger.

Has your physical body suffered in your quest for expanded consciousness?

Has your sleep pattern gone off kilter since you deepened your awakening?

Are you on an emotional roller coaster where anxiety and stress have become your daily norm?

Is your body shutting down or filled with unexplained tension, making you feel tired, have painful joints and stiffness at random times?

Do you feel like you are going crazy on your journey to ascension?

Khao Lak is the ideal place to spend 8 magical days and 7 nights …

…to design your new life. You get to experience unique rituals, practice them and integrate them into your personal ascension blueprint.

Imagine having resources to reduce your stress and anxiety in 5-10 minutes, techniques to heal your body and be able to expand your consciousness without harming your body. And imagine the joy of living a healthy, vital life with plenty of rejuvenating sleep.

Return home with a working blueprint of simple rituals that suit your lifestyle so you can continue your ascension journey, stay healthy, keep your stress levels low, energy levels high and life in balance!

Has your awakening created problems like these in your life …

… you can’t cope with the world anymore … everything is so overwhelming? 

… your body is plagued with illness and pain? 

you are anxious and stressed even though you are doing everything you have been told will expand your consciousness?

... you are exhausted because you are not sleeping properly? 

When you focus on your inner world, here’s what happens… 

… your daily practical rituals help you return to a state of balance quickly and effortlessly 

… you have deep rejuvenating sleep and awaken refreshed and ready for each new day 

… you no longer feel the need to measure up to someone else’s expectations of how you “should” experience your ascension 

… you understand the value and healing that comes from living an ordinary life

… you experience alignment and you have hope!

So … why is this retreat right for YOU?

Thailand is the IDEAL place to explore your inner world and get practical about your ascension. You need to get away from your normal, everyday world – and what better place to be than this spiritually rich country.

You would not be reading this if what you are doing is working for you. On this retreat you will learn from someone who has been where you are and come through the other side. The ascension journey and expanded consciousness may not be what you think.

You don’t have to sit in a cave, be a renunciate, feel isolated and overwhelmed nor let another day go by trying to fix your outer world … when its your inner world where your focus needs to be!

The Empower Your Ascension & Deepen Your Awakening Retreat at Khao Lak is perfect:

to get your health back on track [you can’t keep going the way you are]

… to learn the art of conscious awakening and stay fully present in your body [no more skipping out]

to manage your sensitivities and overwhelm [know when to rest and when to go full out]

… to understand how to create balance with self-care, realistic expectations and patience

… to truly experience the wonder of ascension without the uncomfortable side effects of misguided advice

AND there are some exciting adventures such as visiting James Bond Island, having a Thai Cooking Master Class and being blessed by the local monks!

PLUS there is chill out time by the beach to integrate everything you experience, to soak up the peace, to meditate, to journal.

Rememberevery moment is a catalyst for change … use this moment to relax!

The Venue…

Khao Lak is about 60 km (38 miles) north of famous Phuket  and is renowned for its serene ambiance, uncrowded beaches, and distinguishes itself from popular tourist mecca Phuket with regulations that prohibit buildings higher than the coconut palm trees. It has a family friendly quiet night time environment, perfect for a spiritual retreat.

We will be staying for 7 incredible nights at the luxurious 5-star Manathai Resort delighting in its elegant decor, delicious food, peaceful surrounds and the tranquil sounds of waves lapping the shore. The local villages are filled with unique pieces you can collect for your sacred space.

The rooms are decorated with Thai artefacts accentuating this heavenly exotic space and have been thoughtfully appointed … immersing you in a world of glamorous elegance at the edge of the jungle.
The resort’s oceanfront dining is prepared from fresh local produce by expert chefs whose passion is to create culinary delights to WOW you. Manathai Resort is famous for its Pad Thai cooked right on the beach.

Thai Food

There is nothing quite like fresh Thai food. Your taste buds are probably watering right now as you think about it.

Don’t worry … if you are vegetarian or vegan we have this covered. The chefs are well educated in delicious meals for you. You will feel like you have gone to taste bud heaven.

Got food allergies, intolerances or dislikes … not a problem, we are happy to organise meals that work for you.

And an added treat for you – we have organised a Thai Cooking Master Class where you get to cook your meal under the guidance of the Head Chef. Yes! You can continue eating traditional Thai cuisine when you return home.

Venturing Out

We have planned 5 evening meals at the resort and one night we will have a traditional dinner in the local village. This is quite an experience and bound to be a highlight of your retreat.


The Pleasures …

A trip to Thailand is not complete without a massage! Yes, we have included a massage of your choice.

Imagine being at one with nature, listening to the waves gently lulling you into deep relaxation, as your masseuse eases the tension out of your body. Or go traditional Thai massage and have your body stretched and pulled releasing the tension in this unique experience.

Every morning starts with a private group meditation. Magic happens when you meditate as a group. Be sublimed by this silent meditation and raise your vibration to accelerate integration of your daily rituals.

Yoga on the beach in an exotic location sounds exquisite, because it is! The palm trees, the water, the sand – and communion. Ahhh bliss … you can join the daily yoga class for all resort guests.

Monk’s Blessing

Imagine you are a sitting on a straw mat in a Thai hut. Silence whispers through the room, you feel a presence, yet there is nothing unusual to observe.

A stillness settles over you.

Your mind stops and your breath catches as a group of monks step into the room. Amazingly, you could feel them before they arrived.

This is momentous!

You are about to receive a traditional Monk’s blessing. The reverence you experience is unexpected. But so exquisite. You are moved to tears by the sacred ritual performed by the Monks for you.

It feels personal. It feels special. You feel connected.

This is how our retreat begins and your special offering to the monks is included in the retreat.


James Bond Island

The Phang Nga National Park is quite unique and there are only two places in the world with these outcrops.

Imagine sitting in a canoe and trailing your hand in the clear water as you explore these magestic limestone caves.

This is a full day out and we’ll have lunch locally at a beautiful Muslim village. You’ll be able to search for some special pieces for your sacred space, too.

Local Orphanage

John, the owner of the Manathai Resort built a local orphanage after the Banda Aceh tsunami to give the displaced children in the area a much needed home and stability. This is the main reason I chose this venue for our retreat.

Imagine the look on these children’s faces when you gift them a new shirt, or a new toothbrush, or a new hairbrush – or pencils and paper.

Imagine their joy! They’ll never forget the generosity of a stranger. You can transform one or many children’s lives by your kindness.

We are visiting the orphanage and you will have an opportunity to experience this dream of making a difference.

Thai Cooking Master Class

The MANATHAI Khao Lak cooking master class gives you all the knowledge and training you need to make Thai meals at home.

Learn the art of creating stunning dishes with the 4 ingredients that define Thai food – sweet, sour, spice and salt. And discover the hidden secrets of Thailand’s iconic dishes.

Imagine the looks on the faces of your friends and family when you serve up an array of exotic, authentic Thai dishes. They won’t believe you made them yourself. AND … you won’t ever have to order in again 🙂

At this master class, you’ll learn how to make dishes such as Satay Gai (chicken satay with peanut sauce), Tom Kha Gai (chicken coconut soup), Kang Keaw Wan Gai (green curry with chicken) and delicate Pla Krapong Neung Manao (steamed sea bass with chilli and lime sauce). And if you have a sweet-tooth, the Kluay Buad Chee (bananas in coconut milk).



“I have quantum gratitude for what has been the best week of my life. What you have both shared with me has helped me to grow light years. I have laughed more in the last week than I have in decades. What you both bring to conscious awareness is truly the gift of the universe and of God manifested in everything. With love and gratitude.” Madelaine Cohen

Intuitive Business Coach, Author

Julie, it all started with you. After attending your first retreat 5 years ago I have gone from strength to strength – both personally and in my business. I now love and like myself, am confident, enjoy life and have loads of fun. I have doubled my income and have totally stepped into my power at all levels. Macky Steele Scott

Intuitive Holistic Coach

Would you come to Khao Lak for that?

Hmmmm … are you kidding me Julie, that would be a yes!

So I say come … with an open mind, an open heart and a strong desire to transform.

You will go home confident you can find your centre at any time.

You will go home with a box of resources specifically designed to enhance your awakening.

You will go home with memories of profound spiritual connection with Source … these are your doorways to unlimited supplies of energy, inspiration, regeneration and rejuvenation.

The Benefits …

So what can you expect when you come to majestic Thailand with a group of likeminded people (just like you) passionate about ascension and expanded consciousness.

What if you design and create daily rituals that are meaningful for YOU, take minutes to do and keep you in that awe-inspiring state of “flow” every day?

What if your daily RITUALS:

  • reduce or eliminate your overwhelm, stress and anxiety [you don’t need to isolate yourself just to cope]
  • improve your health and wellbeing [learn unique ways to increase vitality, transform pain and remain grounded]
  • help you trust your intuition [know the difference between your intuition and mind]
  • keep you balanced [this is precious for those who are struggle with feeling out of control]
  • connects you to Divine Love and you consciously embody your highest potential
  • transforms how you perceive, interact and relate to the world around you
  • awakens you to the awareness you are part of a greater divine plan that is unfolding right now
  • triggers DNA activations for a healthy immune system
  • raises you into the peace vibration as your default pattern

WOW what can I say! This experience with you Julie has given me back to me. The learnings, the understandings and wisdom have completed my world. I now know that my journey through Life is of Truth and Wisdom. Dyane Hart

Holistic Therapist

Together we’ll explore …

  • What is ascension and what this means to you … we crack open the myths about ascension 
  • What is sacred spaceand how this is going to work for you
  • Why create an altar … and what elements are meaningful for you
  • The power of sacred artthis nourishes your soul and is expands your awareness – you’ll make your own sacred art
  • How micro meditations transform your state and become daily rituals … you will learn some of Julie’s + design and create your own rituals and do them each day
  • How to cleanse, protect and refill your energy … these form part of your daily rituals and once you experience the potency of doing them, you want to keep doing them 
  • How to set intentions in a meaningful way … there is a simple secret to this
  • How to get into flow … may not be how you think
  • How to enrich your food with Divine energy … and experience the impact it has on your well-being
  • Plus … whatever is meaningful for you we will explore together!

Magic moments come from great questions. Particularly when shared in a group like this. So come armed with your questions.

I am here for you and your breakthroughs. My purpose is to facilitate your expansion in a grounded, practical, authentic way.

This retreat has been extraordinary. It is actually indescribable. Julie is a Master of her profession. Add to that her kindness, immense generosity, attentiveness and every other positive attribute contributed to a life-changing retreat.

All my questions have been answered, all my concerns have vanished to where they belong – out of my life.

We also had a lot of fun. Included in this experience was Frank, her husband, the chef extraordinaire, joker and great person. My love to you both.

Gloria Hamilten


Can’t forget the BONUSES

Yaaayyy … for you and me. I love supporting you to transform, so I have some awesome bonuses for you.

Bonus #1 … Work with me 1:1

  • 2 weeks before the retreat you get a 1.5 hour 1:1 session with me (this helps me get to know you more so I can connect with your subconscious and make sure the retreat is everything you need … and we’ll release blocks to your ascension)
  • 2 weeks after the retreat you get another 1.5 hour 1:1 session (this helps you with any unexpected problems – if any – blocking you from being 100% committed to your ascension and expanded awakening)

Bonus #2 … Resources

  • a signed copy of my book “AreekeerA™ Vibration: Healing Yourself From Within” (if you already have one – you can gift it)
  • a set of my AreekeerA™ Celestial Guidance Oracle cards (if you already have them – you can gift them)
  • a bottle of my AreekeerA™ Flower Essence – Brain Support
  • plus some secret surprises I know you’ll love

Bonus #3 … Mentoring

  • 6 x monthly group mentoring sessions to support and accelerate your ascension and awakening (feeling part of a community of likeminded people all on a similar journey is invaluable)

The Magic of Thailand

Sawadee ka (feminine “hello” in Thai) … strangers randomly shout this greeting out to you. You cannot help but smile and respond back. The joy in this country is palpable.

I love Thailand. This will be my 4th visit. My beautiful sister-in-law is Thai and I have some great friends who live there, too.

Thailand is predominantly Buddhist with many monasteries. One of my favourite places to visit. (Hmmm maybe I was a monk in a past life.) The monks stand out in their orange robes. To be blessed by a monk is quite an experience (and we have organised a special opening ceremony for our retreat with the monk’s blessing).

When I think of Thailand, I think of the lotus flower. Do you? Imagine you arrive in Khao Lak like the lotus bud (gorgeous with room to expand) and leave as the lotus flower. Opened and majestic and full of ascension resources!

The beautiful Thai people love their country. They live their spirituality. It is tangible in the way they serve their customers; the way they practice their faith; you can feel the spirituality thick in the air.

How safe is Thailand for tourists?

Although Thailand has had some internal unrest, in relation to tourism there have been no travel alerts for foreigners posted since 2014. Our retreat is in a quiet area and we have organised a private limousine service to transport you to and from the airport at Phuket. Your safety is our priority.

Khao Lak ~ Phoenix Rising

On 26th December 2004, an earthquake off Banda Aceh triggered a tsunami across the Indian Ocean. The death toll in Khao Lak was between 4-10,000. All the vegetation and the resorts were destroyed. A replanting program has provided re-vegetation of the coast and the resorts have been rebuilt since 2005. A navy boat lies almost 2km from the beach as a stark reminder of nature’s power. Now, there are tsunami early warning systems in place. Simply put, Khao Lak has been reborn!

Here’s what’s included:

  • 7 nights accommodation in a twin share or single room with balcony or terrace at Manathai Resort Khao Lak, Thailand
  • 7 full buffet breakfasts at resort
  • Private group blessing by Monks and food parcel donation (one per guest to give)
  • 5 x 3 hour group sessions with Julie Lewin
  • tea/coffee breaks with fresh fruit
  • 6 lunches
  • 5 dinners at the resort
  • 1 dinner in a local restaurant in town with transfers
  • 1 hour massage of your choice – i.e. Thai, Reflexology
  • Full day tour to Phang Nga Bay with lunch at a Gypsy Sea Village
  • Thai Cooking Master Class
  • Return transfers by private vehicle (solely for this group)
  • Wi-Fi for duration of the stay at the resort
  • Meditation and Yoga sessions (join in Yoga)
  • 3 surprise experiential creative sessions (don’t want to spoil the surprise by telling you)
  • Visit to local Temple for reflection
  • All taxes and service charges


You need to arrive at the Phuket Airport (HKT) on October 14th and depart October 21st, 2017 after breakfast. We have arranged a private limousine service to collect you from the airport and take you to the resort and take you back at the end of the retreat.

If you decide to come earlier or stay later for more relaxation – call Karen Caba our exceptional travel agent. She can help you create your dream holiday and make sure it fits in with the retreat dates – she can also organise the best deals for your flights!  Feel free to call her on +61 411 603 948.

Here’s what’s not included:

  • Beverages during lunches and dinners
  • Flights to and from Thailand
  • Items of a personal nature such as mini-bar, laundry, telephone calls etc.
  • Optional excursions
  • Extra spa treatments
  • Passport or Visa Fees
  • Travel Insurance (personal, medical or cancellation)

Meet Julie …

Julie Lewin loves transformation – personal and spiritual, hers and yours, facilitating or experiencing it … everything to do with it!

Ascension and living with expanded awareness is her way of life and she has many insights to share on how to do this without compromising your health and wellness.

She is internationally known as a medical intuitive and started this path in 1984 after a clairvoyant reading changed her destiny.

Julie believed the clairvoyant and taught herself how to see inside people’s bodies. In the process, she explored spirituality, personal development, metaphysics, intuition, the psychic realms and founded the AreekeerA™ healing modality.

Five years ago, Julie was inspired to run a transformational retreat and hasn’t stopped. She has facilitated over 35 retreats – which have been a combination of group and 1:1.

Julie is considered a pioneer in her field and is sought after as a medical intuitive, corporate business executive mentor, retreat facilitator and speaker.

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